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Joined on 24/06/2016 Born 07/01/1957
life long volunteer in VOCATIONAL TRAINING .eco artist. simple and basic .have only a back pack to my name.vegan diet.move around the world .mainly india / africa.love interacting and learning form any culture ,tradition ,individual, group , nature or whatever .stay always a student....give a VOCATIONAL TRAINING in eco craft as a small scale enterprise. length of training negotiable.would love to volunteer in africa / india /any small island any where

South Asia, South America, Middle East, Oceania, The Caribbean, Uganda
Social Work
Women Empowerment
an eco artist.teach VOCATIONAL TRAINING in eco craft .use mainly local dry waste and papier mache. love to teach any needy non artistic group.love the journey together ...from never holding brush or paint ,never creating any craft , to connecting with the inner artist and finding the joy and profoundness of creation.while doing this we create sensitivity and awareness to ecological life style.
please see my c.v. before you request me as a volunteer