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United Kingdom.

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Life is a Journey

I have been very lucky to travel extensively in my 50s and the experiences opened up my mind and World. I love to put something back and share my knowledge of life.

South America, Argentina

TEFL, a love of People and New Cultures, great communication skills, a willingness to help in a non judgemental way

Previously volunteered in Nepal in a Bhuddist Monastery and also Volunteered with Charity Empowering Women of Nepal who train Women to be trekking guides and be self sufficient.

Volunteering Journal

JWOC a great experience

on 24/07/2017
I volunteered in December 2016 for 4 weeks. I was impressed with the application process which included a Skype interview on 2 occasions. I was helped with accommodation being recommended and the process was very smooth. I travelled alone and felt confident about going to Cambodia alone.
I had a point of contact when I arrived.
I taught in the Free classes alongside the Scholarship student volunteers. I helped out in Adult classes and we looked at interview techniques and worked together in groups reading English. We played games to make learning fun.
I was made to feel very welcome and my input was appreciated. The School is very Professional and welcoming. The staff and Students were great. I was there during a Graduation and we had a lovely night with Students receiving their certificates and a party after in the Grounds. It was a fab night. I also rode in the Angkor Wat Bike Ride around the Temples to raise funds for the School. We cycled 37km around the temples and the money raised by all those who cycled went to fund projects, the library and many items for the School. The Staff work extremely hard and there is a family feel to the Organisation. We travelled out to the Villages at weekends and I took part in the Positive Parenting Programme and I read Stories to the Children with a helper translating into Khmer. I met the Directors of JWOC whilst at the School who were very informative and kind. On the whole it was a Wonderful experience and being on my own it wasn't daunting at all. I made friends with other Volunteers and we also explored the area together. There was a Spelling Bee whilst I was there and I was privileged to be involved. It was amazing to see the children memorising many English words which adults sometimes would be hard pressed to spell. I did a candle making class And if you have any ideas of things you would like to do the School will support you. I would like to congratulate JWOC on having such a Wonderful Organisation.
I hope my account of my experience whilst in a Cambodia is a help to anyone thinking of volunteering. I felt safe and valued and would recommend JWOC wholeheartedly

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