Ashaba Gloria


Ashaba Gloria
Joined on 21/09/2017 Born 09/01/1992
A humble God fearing Psychologist.

Africa, South America, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Cape Verde, Chile, Ecuador, France
Computer skills, Communication skills, Negotiation skills, Statistics, Child abuse and negligence, Life skills and self-management, Stress and Stress management, Health psychology, Psychology and parenthood, Palliative psychological care, Research methods, Drugs, alcohol and behavior, Conflict resolutions, HIV/AIDs and mental behavior, Counseling skills, Behavior change, Community based innervations, psychology and marriage, and am computer literate
1st June-22nd August 2014 Employed at Bible Society of Uganda as a trainee (student Intern) and a volunteer in teaching under the Trauma Healing Project. Within the scope of my internship at Bible society of Uganda and
January 2016 Joined Bridge International School as a counselor and a student English teacher.
At Bridget international I was volunteering as a counselor and English teacher