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Anastasia Gracheva


Anastasia Gracheva
Joined on 13/01/2017 Born 13/01/1987
Healthy lifestyle. Open-minded and positive team player.
Hobbies: painting, traveling, reading.

Animal Care
Archaeological Work
Social Work
Able to work: with the elderly, children with disabilities, with the animals.
I worked in the first public association of cross functional volunteers in the Samara region. Without any financial support association performed ecological events (like clean-up and educational lectures), collaboration with animal shelters and residential institutions (clean-up, master-classes, providing supplies on demand, entertainment interaction with animals and children):

- organizing on-site master-classes with children who got into a hard life situation, orphans, children with some development disorder;
- preparation of volunteers visits to the supervised residential institutions, orphanages and summer camps in due season;
- educational lectures concerning ecological aspects were performed for different social and age groups (from middle school till graduating university students).