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Selene MG


Selene MG
Joined on 22/02/2017 Born 28/01/1993
I am interested in supporting the people who need it, within an organization I like to contribute ideas to solve problems and have good results. I like working with children since they can make the world a better place. I studied the bachelor's degree in international business at Instituto Politécnico Nacional in Mexico City and I'm about to graduate as a sociologist at Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana in Mexico too; I had the opportunity to study a semester in Bogota, Colombia where I discovered my taste for traveling, meeting new cultures and interacting with people from all over the world. I am currently studying the French language and I am about to conclude my studies of the English language of which I have an intermediate level
In Mexico, I have participated in community service brigades to promote economic development in rural areas, as well as health brigades for low-income people.
Within my extracurricular activities I practice "danza area" or aerial silk, which makes me feel happy, calm and has allowed me to have a connection with my body more understandable. I also belong to a group of boy scouts, where I am in charge of 40 children along with other partners, who carry out activities for the children, plan camps, retreats and foster good values.

Central America, South America, The Caribbean, Bolivia, Colombia, Cuba, Peru, Puerto Rico
Disaster Relief
Human Rights Work
Social Work
I know how to organize and manage my times as well as the activities that are required to have results in time and form, being a proactive person. I have the ability to interact with people, having a kind and firm character in the decisions to be made, always looking for the good of all. Similarly, negotiate with people so that there are always good results and not generate future problems. I am a tolerant person, who knows how to empathize with people, which helps me understand them and help them in solving problems or, sensitize me with their situation. I have confidence in myself, I am sincere and express every feeling I have, even if I control myself in serious moments
The volunteer in which I participated was only national, lasted 10 days and I was in a town called Maravatío in Michoacán, Mexico.
The main activity was to develop a project to promote tourism in the village, which consisted of creating a craft corridor with the artisans of the village to sell their products by promoting the culture of the place and contributing to the economy of these people. For this visit were made to artisans who showed us and explained the process and material to make their products; Visits were also made to places to establish the corridor.
Another project to promote tourism was to create a tourist route showing the main artistic and historical monuments of the place, for which they visited those places and sought information from them.
Health brigades were also conducted to more marginalized areas, where I supported doctors and dentists.