Martin Tvrdy

Czech Republic

Martin Tvrdy

Joined on 10/06/2017. Born 11/01/1976
Any Interesting Challenging Opportunity Anywhere in the World for me? Willing to relocate. Available NOW .... My name is Martin, I am 40. Whole life I was working as a telco engineer. Just I feel like to make a change. Therefore I am here. I always love to see new things, meet a people, create something better. I studied physics to understand how the things work. I am excited by philosophy, economics, marketing. I love a beauty of nature and independence of wild animals. I like to share with others as I feel this is only one way how to change this world.

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Additional Skills

Able repair mechanical or electronic things. Able to teach math or physic. Able to help with organizing, management, promotion ... And some abilities I need to find if you give me opportunity to help you :) Web Hobby LinkedIn Thank you :)

Past Volunteering Experience

no big / some lecturing in English school in Meiktila/Myanmar