Sara Beney


Sara Beney

Joined on 13/09/2016. Born 03/01/1995
Social and ecologist activist and volunteer. I raised an Association called VoluntArt destinated to do artherapy and free time activities with refugee people in Athens.. I'm studying Cinematography and Visual Arts, but I decided that this year I wanted to travel around the world, working, living and doing some volunteering.

Want to visit

Africa, Central America, South America, The Caribbean

Interested in

Agriculture Work
Animal Care
Web Work
Conservation Work

Additional Skills

1- Audiovisuals: I have experience as video assistant, camera, editing, photographer and documental filmmaking. 2-Periodism and Foreign Relations: I studied two years of this degree. I worked as journalist in EuropeaMedia for a year and learn foreign politics. 3-Association Coordinator and Founder: VoluntArt is dedicated to do activities with refugees in Athens. 4-Life guard 5- Experience in enviromental volunteer with Greenpeace 6-Spanish teacher and English teacher in Athens

Past Volunteering Experience

I did 3 volunteering in my life:

1- Independent volunteer in El Aaiún, El Sahara.
2- Volunteer in Dakar (Senegal) doing social work with ill people (leprosy) in a small town.
3- Coordinator and Founder of VoluntArt. This is an Association dedicated for artherapy with childrens and doing management issues in a squad, where are 400 refugees families living (aproximated).

5- Enviromental volunteer with Greenpeace in Ourense, Galicia (Spain).