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Sara Beney


Sara Beney
Joined on 13/09/2016 Born 03/01/1995
Social and ecologist activist and volunteer. I raised an Association called VoluntArt destinated to do artherapy and free time activities with refugee people in Athens.. I'm studying Cinematography and Visual Arts, but I decided that this year I wanted to travel around the world, working, living and doing some volunteering.

Africa, Central America, South America, The Caribbean
Agriculture Work
Animal Care
Web Work
Conservation Work
1- Audiovisuals: I have experience as video assistant, camera, editing, photographer and documental filmmaking. 2-Periodism and Foreign Relations: I studied two years of this degree. I worked as journalist in EuropeaMedia for a year and learn foreign politics. 3-Association Coordinator and Founder: VoluntArt is dedicated to do activities with refugees in Athens. 4-Life guard 5- Experience in enviromental volunteer with Greenpeace 6-Spanish teacher and English teacher in Athens
I did 3 volunteering in my life:

1- Independent volunteer in El Aaiún, El Sahara.
2- Volunteer in Dakar (Senegal) doing social work with ill people (leprosy) in a small town.
3- Coordinator and Founder of VoluntArt. This is an Association dedicated for artherapy with childrens and doing management issues in a squad, where are 400 refugees families living (aproximated).

5- Enviromental volunteer with Greenpeace in Ourense, Galicia (Spain).