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Joined on 12/01/2016 Born 02/01/1983
Nature and animals lover. Spent 20 months traveling and volunteering around the world. Currently preparing a working holiday visa for Canada.

Previous experience with volunteering with wildlife at Centro de Rescate Valle Alto (one month in March 2015)
Main activities while volunteering:
- Prepare food for the animals
- Feed the animals (monkeys, birds, ocelots, squirrels, coati,...)
- Assist in the care of injured animals / animals in quarantine (eg clean the eyes of a parrot, hold a monkey while getting a shot)
- Assist during the release of wildlife
- Clean enclosures
- Plant seeds (fruit and vegetable)
- Clean banana trees

South Asia, South East Asia, North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Oceania
Animal Care
7 years work experience in product and project management for IT companies in the Travel Industry Social Networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) Animal care
- Centro de Rescate Valle Alto, Ecuador, March 2015
- Elephants World, Thailand, February 2016
- BAWA, Bali, April 2016