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Annika Mathews

United Kingdom

Annika Mathews
Joined on 01/09/2016 Born 19/01/1994
Passionate about helping others. 22 year old postgraduate in Classical archaeology, likes music, drama, walking, travelling and reading. Keen to explore new places and cultures and meet people from different backgrounds. Passion for education and social change as well as charity/volunteering work.

Central Asia, South Asia, South East Asia, Europe, Bangladesh, Belarus, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, Peru, Romania, Sri Lanka, Turkey
Archaeological Work
Disaster Relief
 Language skills: I have A Levels in German and French, in which I can sustain conversations and communicate well, and I have a good understanding of grammar and vocabulary. The past year I was able to gain a good enough level of Romanian to sustain conversations with people. My learning of Ancient Greek and Latin has provided me with skills in decoding sentences and improving my memory by the many grammar tables and pieces of vocabulary I have had to learn. I have had experience of teaching English as a foreign language to children of primary school age and had daily interactions with foreigners last year.  IT Skills and Social Networking Skills: I have experience with Edexcel, Microsoft Word, some knowledge of Publisher (making leaflets at school) , Facebook and Twitter. I have been proofreading documents this year for a fee through the company JWPR. I also wrote a blog on Wordpress most weeks as part of the obligations of the project in Romania.  Teamwork: I have taken part in Bronze, Silver and Gold D of E expeditions as well as an expedition to Mongolia, which all involved working as a team as well as being part of several committees at school and at university such as the Fitzwilliam JCR and Winter Ball Committee. The past year I was part of a group of 8 volunteers from across Europe whom I worked with to implement the activity programmes on the European Voluntary service scheme I participated in.  Creativity: My extracurricular interests of reading, music and drama have influenced my levels of creativity. During my work with the Fitzwilliam Ball committee we attended regular craft sessions, doing varied activities such as papier mache, painting, constructing props and drawing. Over the past year in Romania, I was responsible for organising and assisting in craft activities and non-formal educational games for children and teenagers as part of our project in Romania, as well as running a drama club and short play for children.  Cultural awareness: Through my travels around other countries, I have come to appreciate the diversity of the world and have more knowledge of other cultures. I enjoy visiting museums and historical sites as well as attending plays and exhibitions. Living in Romania the past year and working on a project focused on promoting multiculturalism and diversity greatly contributed to my sense of cultural awareness  Time Management: I am able to successfully balance academic work/volunteering work and several other hobbies/commitments.  Resilience: I have taken part in several expeditions and two archaeological projects encountering tough terrain and conditions, long days and unfamiliar environments. These provided definite challenges however they have improved my ability to adapt to unusual and different environments quicker and have encouraged a sense of adventure in me to try new things. The past year I volunteered abroad in Romania for the year, working with children from many different backgrounds. I became more resilient in being able to take control of activities, gain responsibility and adapt to new and unfamiliar situations.  Organisation: At school I was a member of the Charity Committee and contributed to organising events, and have been Secretary for the Fitzwilliam College Music Society where I currently help to arrange student concerts. Last year I was JMA charities officer at Fitzwilliam College where I was in charge of co-ordinating charity events such as raffles, supporting RAG events and helping raise awareness of charities and volunteering opportunities.  Working with children and teenagers: I used to participate in school access tours whilst at university. The past year I worked with children from age 3-18, running a number of different non-formal educational activities e.g. crafts, animation songs and games as well as teaching them English.  Leadership: In the past I have helped mentor a younger pupil with their reading, as well as helping run clubs for younger pupils of my school e.g. organising activities for a junior school French club. I also am and have been in various positions of responsibility in committees at university. The past year I helped along with fellow volunteers to run a number of different non-formal educational activities for children and teenagers within my project in Romania.
Volunteering for the project: Gateway: Education for all at the American International School of Transylvania organisation in Baia Mare, Romania as part of the European Voluntary Service scheme run and supported by the European Union. Experience gained in teaching English to children, running cultural workshops, running and assisting in activities on a wide range of topics with children from age 3-18, promoting volunteering, interacting with young people from different European countries, running summer camps. I gained a great awareness of other cultures, as well as much experience working with children in this project (see YouthPass accreditation for a full summary of skills gained)

 November 2015-December 2015, April 2016-August 2016 Volunteering at Fraternitate Somaschi, a social charity working with the Roma people and other impoverished people in Baia Mare, Romania. Helped give out meals at the shelter and station, collect and distribute donations, do animation activities and games with the children, and help them with their basic literacy and numeracy for a few hours each week. These experiences have broadened my understanding of social issues within the world and underlined the importance of human rights and education to combat poverty and inequality.

 October 2014-November 2014-Volunteering at events at Cambridge Museums including helping with Curating Cambridge family events. My experiences have allowed me to meet with members of the general public and work with people who are from a range of backgrounds and age-groups.

 August 2013-July 2015-For the last three summers I have volunteered on archaeological projects run by the faculty along with other students from the University, most recently spending a month digging in Sicily. From my experiences on the projects, I have developed resilience within some relatively tough physical conditions and improved my team-work skills. I now have 8 weeks excavation and 2 weeks magnotemetry experience.
 Oxfam charity shop and Oxfam Book Shop, Guildford January-September 2010 and December 2012-January 2013- I volunteered my time in a variety of ways during my stints at both Oxfam and Oxfam Book shop. In the latter I mainly served on the till, in the former I developed several retail-related skills including processing donations, sorting shop displays, pricing items and stock-taking. I developed flexibility and adaptability in my time spent at Oxfam.