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Génesis Paredes
Joined on 24/11/2016 Born 08/01/1991
Intelligent, dynamic, passionate to help others ... My goal, not to be me, to be all those I helped.. If you allow me to say this with a little humility ... what is better than helping others, absolutely nothing more, I have always wanted to help in other borders, in other places that although they are in the map mundi is not located in the map Of many people. I am simply happy to help, although I do not have a career, I possess the immense desire to give everything I carry inside, and also to impart the little knowledge that I have.

Africa, South Asia, Oceania, The Caribbean, Angola, Australia, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Congo, Costa Rica, Guinea-Bissau, South Africa, Uganda, Zimbabwe
Agriculture Work
Animal Care
Conservation Work
My greatest ability is that I learn quickly anything that is taught to me, a little of everything: first aid, what to do in case of emergencies, a little knowledge in construction, administration ... I even know how to work with wild animals, I was I volunteer in a zoo in my country (I am from Venezuela, now I live in Argentina). The social being helps me, I can work with virtually any group of people. I have adaptability to places and circumstances. I have ingenuity and creativity when making and proposing activities. One skill I possess is that I always try to be a part of the solution and not the conflict ... Maybe it is not a well-known language, but perhaps if all the people did it the world was another. I think they already noticed, I like to write. I write stories from 8 years of age, and novels since the age of 12.
Now I am volunteering in a shelter for animals rescued from the street or being mistreated, the shelter is called San Francisco de Asís, located in Buenos Aires Argentina.

My last experience in my country, Venezuela, was in a zoo, I was a volunteer there: I helped the caretakers, I assisted the veterinarians and the biologist. He made animal husbandry, cleaned and conditioned the areas where the animals were and helped in medical treatments.

Being part of a Baptist Church, he helped with various social projects: Personal hygiene and hygiene for the homeless (eg, haircuts), recreation and teaching of children from low income areas, ansianatos and grandparents' clubs in The area close to where he resided