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Lenka Elek

United Kingdom

Lenka Elek
Joined on 19/04/2016 Born 23/01/1995
As a student of languages I'm passionate about not just learning them but also getting know the culture of the studied language and fully immersing into it. Therefore, traveling and becoming a part of the community in the visited country are important for me and help me to not just understand the language and the visited country but also look more critically at my culture and values. Also I enjoy work with people from different backgrounds as it enriches and extends my knowledge on everyday basis which is more exciting than working with the people who come from the same background as I do. Apart from that, I am always interested in current affairs, problems in different societies and I like to express my opinions on different issues (education system, gender etc.) on my blog .

South America
Previously I had been working in retail where I gained valuable skills in customer service but also since for the most of the time I was responsible for the shop without any supervisor, I learnt to solve problems on my own quickly and effectively. Apart from working experience, I used be an editor-in-chief of the school newspaper where I acquired leadership skills. With volunteering I first came into touch in the organisation called 'Youth Red Cross' where I was a coordinator of a project 'Eva and children' which was mainly focused on work with disabled children or children from difficult backgrounds. In this position I could apply and improve my communication and administrative skills since I was responsible for organising activities for these children. Moreover, recently I have started giving private classes for free to people who want to take IELTS exam which has helped me to gain some teaching skills.