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United States

Joined on 26/09/2016 Born 06/01/1995
High experience in working with children. I'm actually from Argentina but currently living in the united states. I'm in the USA with J-1 au pair visa. Which it means that I work and live with a family and I take care of the children. This is one of the things that makes me able to work with kids beyond that I'm the second oldest sister in 9 siblings.

Africa, Botswana, Cambodia, Kenya
I'm a flexible and patience person who is also hard- working at the moment to work with children. I understand the different situations and I know how to act in different scenarios. I took a class of first aid with the red cross of America. I feel happy and complete when I'm helpful for people.
I only did volunteering for a few month in a poor little church in my country, Argentina. Helping kids to improve knowledge in the English language. It is not enough till now, that's why I want to keep helping children in all different areas as possible: Educational/ children development/ healthcare/ and love.