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Marianne Prestnes Ersland
Joined on 17/10/2016 Born 14/01/1995
I am a 21 year old girl from Norway. When I was 16 I attended a foreign exchange programme which let me live with a host family in Texas for a year and go to an American high school. This experience taught me to really open my mind towards other cultures. I also became obsessed of travelling, learning more languages and more about the world in general. In 2015 I therefore moved to Guatemala for six months to do so. Here as well I lived with a local host family, but instead of studying I was voluntering at a childrens school. I loved the country and voluntering gave me so much pleasure so I am again (after one year of university studying different religions) looking for a or several places to volunter in 2017. I am open for pretty much all kinds of voluntering projects and am happy to gain experience in both old and new fields.

South East Asia
I am currently working day- and nightshifts in a nursinghome. And have been doing this for one and av half year. Before this I have worked part time in several kindergardens and in Guatemala i voluntered as an assistant english teacher for the youngest kids (5-7years). I also have some experience with music (singing, playing guitar/piano) and also animals, ecpesially horses.
My experience in Guatemala was amazing and I am definately going back to the school there one day to teach again. I am now a sponsor for one of the kids at the school.