Joe Osinski

United States

Joe Osinski
Joined on 06/02/2020 Born 30/10/1976
Retired, ready to volunteer abroad!. I retired early from the Army and then became a wildlife biologist. I can afford to live without working so I'm focusing my efforts on volunteering. I have been traveling all my life and no signs of stopping. I am a very dedicated, dependable, and work working volunteer. When not volunteering/traveling I like to read, knit, exercise, and visit family. I am in excellent physical condition and can adapt to any environment.

Central America, South America
Animal Care
Conservation Work
Bachelr's Degree in Biology; Fluent in English, basic to intermediate Spanish; Carpentry, electrical, and plumbing
500 volunteer hours with government wildlife agencies in the U.S. monitoring endangered and threatened species via telemetry, presence/absence observations, capture, tag, and release, and spotlighting.

3 months working at a wildlife rehabilitation center in Washington, USA feeding animals, cleaning cages, doing electrical work, repairing/improving enclosures.

3 weeks in Ecuador with Merizonia (wildlife rehabilitation center) feeding animals and cleaning enclosures, building sleeping boxes, electrical work, daily chores/cooking for 15+ people, and enclosure improvements.