Ursula Uriarte

Peru. Born 23/10/1980

Ursula Uriarte - Volunteering Profile

I am always thinking that we must do something here and now to change the world

Born and raised in Lima, PerĂº. Right now I live in my hometown, sharing my apartment with my business partner, one dog and 2 beautiful cats.
I started travelling when I was 10 years old and can't stop since then, now I'm trying to travel as much as I can, always looking for opportunities to do something meaningful while I'm away from home.

Africa, Europe, Oceania, Kenya, Mozambique, Nepal, Portugal, South Africa, Tanzania

Agriculture Work
Animal Care
Conservation Work
Human Rights Work
Women Empowerment

I'm a procurement expert (lawyer), with more than 10 years of experience in logistics and supply chain, a professional clown and a freelance photographer (I have worked as a cruise photographer), so I'm used to work with people, under different circunstances. I'm also good with manual arts and in sports, I have taken courses in plastic arts and I was a qualified athlete in the university for playing soccer and running, what I'm still doing for health.

I have been a volunteer in the Bolaroja Clown Association (http://www.bolaroja.pe) for 8 consecutive years, working as a clown and as a consultant in different topics (mostly about logistics, ONG administration, law and human resources management).

Before and after that, I have also been a volunteer in different small initiatives, I'm especially interested in health, gender and social equality.