Nakirya Lydia


Nakirya Lydia
Joined on 01/03/2019.

Africa, South America, Uganda
Disaster Relief
Christ in Touch Foundation
My time so far as volunteer

"Volunteering helped me to equip me with necessary skills to implement tasks that I could not do before, but thank God I know how field looks like, I am proud to have joined Christ in touch foundation. To this end I have tried to work in sexual reproductive health and rights department particularly on sexuality matters project, where we address the unmet needs of family planning, treat sexually transmitted infections and most importantly we help the communities to mitigate the HIV new infection by making them aware of their status. The project has helped me to believe in myself and reflect or imagine people’s problems through my very eye which always ignite an urge to help.
I have not found any problem with the foundation because the administration is friendly to everyone regardless of your faith, it is just awesome, we are all a big social family committed to making communities better.
My happiest moment is always when we help the most critically vulnerable persons who need these services the most. I am happy to be around loving people and am forever grateful for the skills I have so far acquired and those that am I still acquiring."

on 06/03/2019