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Nury Portillo


Nury Portillo
Joined on 13/04/2017 Born 09/01/1994
I am a guatemalan girl who like to help others and know them by them culture.. I have volunteered since I was in the school, because was a private school founded by the Maryknoll sisters, who liked to teach the love for the needy people.

Also, I always like to see the happiness of the people, because this is the key to know that you are doing the things right.

And don´t tell about animals, I love them, I have had so many pets. Actually I have two turtles. And is funny sometimes because my career is about gastronomy, but I can´t kill the animals to cook them.

Helper, enthusiastic, and I always like to give a helping hand.
NGO Niños de Guatemala
50 hours of Faith Project of my school
My internships for the university