juan jose muñoz

Colombia. Born 10/09/1993
I am civil engineering with a postgraduate in transportation. I love traveling, meet new people, cultures and cities.

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About Me

I was born in Tulua, Colombia. I am 23 years old and i am single. All my live i have dreamed about know the world, many cultures, people, and a lot of things that bring us the life.

Europe, The Caribbean, Belgium, Brazil, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland

Agriculture Work
Conservation Work
Social Work

I am respectful, tolerant, I have patience with people, I'd like to learn and teach new things.

i was in Interact.
This non-governmental organization is part of Rotary. Rotary is famous for his history, helping people and making new friends in whole world.