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Kim Sitlhou


Kim Sitlhou
Joined on 16/06/2016 Born 15/01/1992
Being human. i am easy going, i warm to people easily, i love what i do. i may look rough, hard heart-ten, but know me you will be shocked. True story. :-) i am a deep passionate soft heart-ted girl inside. A person who put others before herself., who believe in changing the world is through changing or touching peoples' lives. Life is not worth if you cannot do this.

Africa, South East Asia, South America, Middle East
Appreciative Learn to show thanks, repay the help given to us by others, give back to the world for our own good fortune. Beliefs – Belief in self, never give up, learn from mistakes, take on new challenges. An Educator- effective teaching, mentoring, friendly relationship with the students has always been my sharpest weapon Leadership- Organizing, positive attitude, problem solving, decision making, open to suggestions, team work
I have worked with street children and their education, also with Youth Development under Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports