Cathal McCaffrey

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Cathal McCaffrey
Joined on 06/05/2018 Born 14/01/1989
Friendly, Hard working and enthusiastic. Hi thanks for reading!
I am a 29 year old male and will be travelling central and south America for a number of months from July.
I have a very versatile set of skills and would fit in comfortably working with kids or adults. I have a creative and academic background with a degree in Sound Design. I am also a qualified English teacher. I have several years experience in different areas of construction and building so I don't mind getting involved with a bit of physical work. I have basic Spanish and am currently working on some asking it better. I absolutely adore animals and would also love the opportunity to work with them or help out with agriculture.
I am a driven, highly motivated and friendly guy who wishes to learn as much as possible on my travels, giving something back to people along the way.

Central America, South America
Agriculture Work
Animal Care
Archaeological Work
Conservation Work
Disaster Relief
Human Rights Work
Social Work
Women Empowerment
Refugee Support
Photography, sound/audio, video, teacher, handyman, cooking, music. Construction and building, social work, working with kids, basic Spanish
In the past I have worked with children on summer schemes