Parmis Saadi

Iran, Islamic Republic of. Born 03/10/1968
I am a versatile woman.

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I am a 48 years old woman. I live in Iran. I am an author and translator. I wrote many books about teaching. I also wrote a book about the root of violence and the nonviolent ways of encounter it. I have studied in tour operating, tour guide, computer instruction, English teaching and human resource management. I know many arts such as sculpting. I can teach children English and French and Sculpting, Embroidery, working with beads, knitting and...

Africa, South America

Animal Care
Disaster Relief
Arts and Crafts

I have worked as translator for more than 15 years. I have worked as journalist and editor in Aghaz Magazine which is a free zone magazine. I have worked as editor and typesetter in an publication and back cover designer.

I worked as computer instructor in local masques and taught computer to children.
I worked as a writer and translator in an NGO related to helping children and women of Tehran. I help them to distribute their leaflets, wrote article for their blog, take photo of street children, translated articles for their blog