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Arne Norman


Arne Norman
Joined on 06/04/2017 Born 16/01/1993
Graduated from Uni last year and have been travelling, working and exploring in South America since. Hello! I am currently working in an NGO (Fair Trade) in Lima, Peru. In the End of May I will go 'back on the road' and I am very thrilled to do so. I recently found this website and it offers an icredible array of opportunities. I have already had some volunteering experience through Workaway and Helpx. Most of all, I am interested in experiencing new things, gain new perspectives and to learn.

Hola, hace medio año ya he estado viajando y trabajando en Latinoamerica. Al momento trabajo con una ONG de Comercio Justo en Lima. En el fin de mayo me marcho de aqui y tengo muchas ganas de experiencias nuevos proyectos, lugares y ideas. Sobre todo me gustaria ir a un lugar en la natureleza despues de tanto ruido en Lima.

South America, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
Agriculture Work
Animal Care
Social Work
- Teaching English
- Gardening / Farm Work
- NGO of Fair Trade