Remi A. Samad


Remi A. Samad
Joined on 03/01/2018 Born 29/01/1989
I believe in making the world a better place for you and for me, for us all <3. I am Lebanese but live and work in the Netherlands. I have lived in 5 countries in the past 7 years (Netherlands, Brazil, Italy, Poland and Nigeria) and traveled to even more countries for shorter periods. I am very social/out-going and take my free time seriously (work hard, play hard is my motto!). I have always been keen on saving the world with whatever way I can!

South America
Conservation Work
Human Rights Work
Women Empowerment
Fluent in 5 languages (Arabic, French, English, Portuguese, Italian), basic knowledge of 2 other (Dutch, Spanish) Communication teaching/tutoring experience Volunteering experience
- Children Cancer Center - 3 months, Lebanon
- Greenpeace Lebanon - 1 year, Lebanon
- Currently volunteering in the Netherlands for Taste Before you Waste, fighting food waste