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yvan Thierry Ntaganda
Joined on 14/02/2017 Born 17/01/1990
a very simple and simple guy. i'm 27years old. 6'2 ft, dark chocolate skin guy, who is always ready to help people in need and learn a thing or two from everybody i meet. i believe everyone got something special and unique.
i'm the last born in a family of 6 children 3 boys and 3 girls. i lost my dad in the 1994 Genocide against The tutsi in Rwanda. i was only 3 years and 8 months. i was raised by a single mum who is a Primary (elementary) school teacher. i love sports, i play Volleyball and football (soccer). i'm also a Christian. who respect&Love GOD! who also believes that everything happens for a reason

Central Asia, South Asia, South America, Europe, Oceania, The Caribbean, Antarctica, Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Barbados, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Georgia, Greece, Indonesia, Japan, Portugal, Singapore, Thailand, United Kingdom
Disaster Relief
Human Rights Work
Women Empowerment
Social Work
i hold a high school diploma in Accounting and now i'm now finishing my university Degree in International Business. i will start working on my thesis in April. i know how to use a computer. i try to be updated on Technology.
i have always worked with kids from the street and try to change their lives by putting them back to school, educate them, restore hope in them and then reconnect them with their family for those who have them. and we do visits poor people and widow with some food. i have never got a chance to volunteer outside my country.