Nicolas Morales M.


Nicolas Morales M.

Joined on 02/10/2016. Born 24/01/1987
Im a very happy guy with a lot of energy and my motivation now is try to help other doing a volunteer.. Industrial Engineer
I been working and traveling the last 5 years and now is time to make my contribution so I want to do a volunteer and try to help others.
I was working 2 years like Planning and Development Analyst and 1 year like Commercial Coordinator in Volvo Chile. The last year I was working and traveling in Australia and south east Asia and now I want to go to Africa and help in a Volunteer before come back to my country.

Want to visit

Africa, South East Asia, Middle East, India, Indonesia, Mozambique, Nepal, South Africa, Tanzania

Interested in

Animal Care
Conservation Work
Social Work

Additional Skills

Teamwork, Leadership, Problem Solving. I was working in Construction the last year. I love teaching and I can teach Maths, Physics, Spanish, English, Rugby and Soccer.

Past Volunteering Experience

Construction: helping to build houses in Chile
Teaching: I was Math Teacher in a Pre University Program