Nicolas Morales M.

Chile. Born 24/03/1987

Nicolas Morales M. - Volunteering Profile

Im a very happy guy with a lot of energy and my motivation now is try to help other doing a volunteer.

Industrial Engineer
I been working and traveling the last 5 years and now is time to make my contribution so I want to do a volunteer and try to help others.
I was working 2 years like Planning and Development Analyst and 1 year like Commercial Coordinator in Volvo Chile. The last year I was working and traveling in Australia and south east Asia and now I want to go to Africa and help in a Volunteer before come back to my country.

Africa, South East Asia, Middle East, India, Indonesia, Mozambique, Nepal, South Africa, Tanzania

Animal Care
Conservation Work
Social Work

Teamwork, Leadership, Problem Solving. I was working in Construction the last year. I love teaching and I can teach Maths, Physics, Spanish, English, Rugby and Soccer.

Construction: helping to build houses in Chile
Teaching: I was Math Teacher in a Pre University Program