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Joanne Ng

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Joanne Ng
Joined on 08/08/2016 Born 09/01/1995
A young girl wanting to discover herself and the world. I spent my early childhood in Hong Kong, the rest of my childhood up to the early teenage years in Singapore and have since then been living in the UK. I am a fresh law school graduate, but rather than going straight into practising am taking a gap year to travel and to give time to myself so I can properly contemplate if I really want to continue with that career path.

I love getting to know people from all walks of life and am always up for a good laugh (have been told by various people that I have a silly sense of humour)! That being said, I am 21 going on 35-- I have caught myself shying from the wild nightlife and instead enjoying more relaxed evenings, whether this is chatting over drinks in a hostel, sampling local cuisine or curling up with a good book and cup of tea.

South East Asia
Breaking down complicated arguments and responding clearly and effectively to them. Expressing subject matter in an engaging manner. Research. Leading and organising small group activities.