ana maria Garavito


ana maria Garavito

Joined on 09/06/2017. Born 24/01/1982
I am traveler woman and each way in the world is a path to share with open heart to receive, give and care .. I have been working in outdoors programs and I believe that the contact with people, animals, plants, trees and landscapes make me a better human being.
To me is very impotant and gratifying learn about the ancestrals knowlege and understand the people life. I enjoy the way how we can found a comun lenguage and share knowlege.

Want to visit

Central America, Mexico

Interested in

Agriculture Work
Women Empowerment
Social Work

Additional Skills

I enrich the experiences of journeys by sharing knowledge in the natural raw materials for the ancestral and modern trades. Sailor chef on sailboats. Exploration of theatrical games in unconventional spaces to facilitate learning, communication, creativity and relaxation for women, men and children. Experience in First Aid Care in distant places and I am Rescue Diver. Reiki therapist and massage. Study of medicinal plants. Bachelor of Performing Arts and Theater Actress.

Past Volunteering Experience

I have been as volunteer in:
Ecuador in a social theater company.
España in a eco- farm: as cook and garden
Colombia: Cartagena with women in handicrafts. Granada and Santa Marta: Eco farms