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Joined on 05/06/2017 Born 09/01/1999
My happiness, is to be able to see the smile and joy of other people. I am a person who uses any way to help other people, I am a medical student and every day I fight for my dreams, I do not give up until I reach the goal, I think that those stumbling blocks are part of life because they teach us To be stronger, I am very close to my family, I like to laugh a lot because joy fills our soul with happiness, I like to learn, and to teach everything I have learned

Africa, Central Asia, South Asia, Central America, Haiti, Iran, Israel, Somalia, South Africa
Social Work
teamwork. Understand quickly, advise and provide my emotional support and support. Development at different levels. Develop all my knowledge, skills and abilities fulfilling the objective or goal proposed
Work as a volunteer in Venezuela for a foundation called 'Children with Wings of Faith', a national nonprofit that helps children with cancer