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Daniela Gonzalez D


Daniela Gonzalez D
Joined on 10/04/2017 Born 21/01/1988
I like to know and explore places, people and culture. I want to do that helping. Hi. I live in Colombia, Medellin. With my beautiful family, my parents and two sisters and our dogs.
Study law and psychology.
And I want to travel some where where I can't help and make a little difference.

South East Asia, South America, Argentina, India, Nicaragua, Peru, Puerto Rico
Animal Care
Conservation Work
Human Rights Work
Helping kids to come there dreams come true. Foundation -"soñar despierto"- dreaming awake.
Stay and play with children's wait for important surgery.
Found home to diferent lost and abandoned dogs. Mostly for dangerous races.
Loving and take care my 5 beautiful dogs.