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Miguel Antonio Araya Vlatko


Miguel Antonio Araya Vlatko
Joined on 24/01/2017 Born 10/01/1976
I am a cheerful, sporty person, father of 2 children and very eager to help. My hobby´s are Soccer, Trekking and travel.

Africa, South Asia, Central African Republic, Ethiopia, Haiti, Indonesia, Nepal
Animal Care
Conservation Work
Social Work
Cognitive skills: I have the ability to make decisions, solve problems, understand what the consequences of performing a given action, have a critical thinking and achieve alternative solutions as possible solutions to a problem. Language ability: I have the ability of an individual to communicate and write. Social skills: the ability of an individual to relate and contact people. Leadership and management: this is the ability of an individual to lead, coordinate and organize a group of individuals pursuing the same goal.
A roof for chile "Un Techo para Chile"