Francisco Javier Aguilar Egaña

Chile. Born 15/06/1987

Francisco Javier Aguilar Egaña - Volunteering Profile

Traveling searching new experiencies, volunteer will add some sense to my trip

Im From Santiago, Chile. Im a Construction Engineer (Construction Management) and used to work on underground mining.
I was not happy at all and after 4 years i quit my job. Now im traveling in Central America heading to the US to make a trip from SF to NY.

im open to any kind of work :)

Central America, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico

Animal Care
Web Work
Conservation Work
Disaster Relief

I'm sociable, like to play with kids and pets, skills in maths, i can speak spanish (native), english (fluently) and some basic portuguese.

Not worked as a volunteer outside Chile yet but I got experience volunteering at 2010's earthquake and tsunami disaster in Chile. Also i worked building emergency houses for