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David Martin


David Martin
Joined on 09/10/2016 Born 12/01/1986
Happy and friendly, ready to help and learn. Love nature and travel to discover different ecosystems and meet people from all over the world to learn with other cultures.

South America, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
Animal Care
Conservation Work
I'm a trained forester, ornithologist with lots of experiences in organic orchards.
July-August 2013; Participation in a humanitarian project teaching
Spanish and doing summer activities with children in the south-east of

October-November 2011; Participation in Leonardo project in a environmental education center in Sicily, Italy.

July 2011; Volunteer with Calderdale Countryside Rangers. UK.

Febraury-September 2010; Nature Reserve Assistant at a Rainforest Nature Reserve in Costa Rica as part of the European Voluntary Service with the European Union.

July 2010; Conservation project of sea turtles in Matapalo (Costa Rica)

July-August 2009; Nature Reserve worker in Lithuania with The European Voluntary Service with the European Union.

Spring Campaings 2008 and 2009; Participation on a bird ringing
campaign and data management at Lake Nava and the Canal de Castilla
with the Global Nature Fund, Palencia.

Summer 2008; Participation in the bird ringing campaign on the island of
Fuerteventura, in the Canary Islands.

July 2007; Environmental work camp in the Laguna de la Nava, Palencia
with Global Nature Fund.

Summer 2005; Volunteer at the Centre of Wildlife Recovery in Buitrago de
Lozoya in Madrid.