Ale Tincusin


Ale Tincusin

Joined on 19/09/2018. Born 17/07/1987
I am currently working as a primary school teacher in Barcelona, Spain. I am looking to volunteer during the summer in an NGO. I have extensive experience in teaching abroad and in the UK, and I have completed my PGCE course with the grade of ‘Outstanding’. I have good written and oral communication skills, with strengths in English grammar. I am responsive to my students and have a creative teaching and learning philosophy. I speak a number of languages: Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese..

Want to visit

Africa, South East Asia, Central America, South America, The Caribbean

Interested in

Social Work
Refugee Support

Additional Skills

Teaching, arts and crafts, dance, yoga, languages.

Past Volunteering Experience

Brazil 2011-2012
Brazil summer 2018

Organizations I Support

El Proyecto 123
Nakupenda Tanzania