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Hrishav Bhattarai


Hrishav Bhattarai
Joined on 25/07/2016 Born 18/01/1995
Travel when you can.. I am currently in my 3rd year of Computer Engineering from Kathmandu Engineering College, Kalimati.
I work for a company, G. Developers, as a web/android/software developer. It is company formed by me and my fellow computer engineering friends. It is a work-from-home based company.
I like spending time with kids and I think they are the greatest gift to the mankind.
I like to play football. I like classical rock music. I like to write but this is very very rare. I like meeting new people. And I love to travel.
It will take a short time for us to bond and it will be a bit awkward at the beginning, but then after that I might be the most crazy and weird guy you've ever met.
I would like to help in any way that I can.

South Asia
I can help to do general household works. I can help in teaching kids. I can help in computer works. I basically can do any sort of general work, but I am mostly interested in spending time with kids and having conversation with them, playing with them.