Luisa Guerrero


Luisa Guerrero
Joined on 27/10/2018. Born 07/06/1997
This is me. I am 21 years old, I am currently studying at Pedagógica Nacional University because I like teaching and I feel passionate to work in the social work specially with children and young people. Also, I have worked with children by teaching spanish and English in groups and personal ways. I have always wanted to participate as a volunteer but as I was only studying I did not have money. Now I have saved and I am able and eager to accomplish one of my dreams which is also one of the dreams for children who need a special atenttion in educational field. I hope my profile be interesting for you and I can be accepted to make part of your volunteer program. I appreciate your atenttion..

North America, Europe, The Caribbean
Social Work
I have a good Communications skills. It is easy to me to have good relationships with others in order to work collectivelly and I am very proactive when I want to do whateve r I want to do.
I have participate in one volunteer program in Colombia which is called "de vuelta a la vida" it is a local organization that provides help and in my group we used to go to schools of rural aread and make some activities for children
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