Tomás Lavados M


Tomás Lavados M

Joined on 12/05/2017.

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Casa do Caminho

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Best Experience in the World

"I am currently volunteering at Casa do Caminho l, and so far I can say that it's been the best experience of my life. Before coming here, I was looking desperately for something to give meaning to my life, and here I found it. Life here is interesting and challenging every day. I feel that I am useful, and I learn and learn and learn new things all the time! Every day is a diferent adventure, every day it makes sense to wake up in the morning, I have met awesome people, and my view of the world has changed a lot. My eyes have been opened to harsh realities and now I understand the difficult living conditions of many people- but at the same time, I have found that good people who are willing to work restlessly to help them, really do exist in this world!
I am volunteering for a full year, and I wish I could stay longer. I don't regret making the decision of coming here for a second.."

on 01/09/2017