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Kristen Macauley

United States

Kristen Macauley
Joined on 14/04/2017 Born 30/01/1989
Travel photographer looking to do-good in the world. Husband in tow.. Kristen is an Excelsior, Minnesota-based photographer specializing in travel and cultural photography.

“There is no better education then to travel the world” serves as Kristen’s personal motto. Traveling is not only her way of broadening her own education, but also a tool to show others the diversity and beauty that different cultures can offer.

She has lived in three different countries, including the US, South Africa and Peru. Her goal is to use photography as a way to eliminate stereotypes that can grow from ignorance, and to show similarities between cultures, regardless of their location. In order to give back to the communities that she photographs, 25% of all sales from Kristen Emma Creative are donated back to local charities around the world.

She is 27 years old, is married to her business partner (and sherpa, and translator, and international security guard...) John and they have two dogs.

Africa, Central Asia, South East Asia, South America, Europe, Middle East
Animal Care
Disaster Relief
Women Empowerment
Teaching, photography, social media, website building, general work and organization for assorted projects.
Teaching and construction in Lima, Peru.
Teaching in Cape Town, South Africa. Teaching in Delhi, India.