Shaykh Nuwrdiyn DuBose


Shaykh Nuwrdiyn DuBose
Joined on 29/04/2018.
Self motivated Team player, aiding humanity QSV, our numero uno!. I am a leader and have a talent for numbers and real estate. I love to travel and like to increase my skills to help out humanity specifically in Senegal, West Africa.

Africa, Senegal, United States
Women Empowerment
mathematics, fundraising, etc
Queen Sheba Village, aiding humanity organization, Maryland, USA.
QSV #1

"I have worked and volunteered with Queen Sheba Village organization in the Maryland, North America several years to date.

I work in the fundraising department and in general spreading awareness of the activities we are currently involved in past, present and the future.
Come and share the love and support of Queen Mother Cisse and our mission for she is a leader or humanity as well as President of the organization. We too admire the vision.

In time with the continued help of God to aquire land and gold wealth in Africa for QSV is my personal contribution and focus that will help as many deserving people as possible. Come support me in supporting QSV because it is my number 1 charity and yea we are already making a difference!

Visit www.queenshebavillage,org and contribute a donation no matter how big or small because it goes a long way back to Senegal to poor people.

Thank you!"

on 29/04/2018