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Clare thorpe


Clare thorpe
Joined on 03/07/2016
Keen to help and make a difference. Hi
I have just turned 50, currently live in Cyprus and would very much like to volunteer in South America, Canada, or anywhere where I can make a difference.
Worked within the care industry for many years, I love people and travel. So where better to combine my 2 passions than volunteering abroad.
My children are grown and have long left the nest and now it's time for me to take up my passion of simply just wanting to help out somewhere that needs it.
I believe volunteering is just that , you shouldn't have to pay for the privaledge.
The world has become to dependant on material items and there worth, where children are often left behind in the wake.
I equally am an animal lover and protecting their undervalued existence would also be top of my volunteering wish list.

North America, South America, Belize, Canada, Ecuador, Peru
Animal Care
Conservation Work
I have worked with adults and young people with learning difficulties for many years, which was both enjoyable and rewarding. I completed a TEFL course in Spain in 2012. Great communicator , warm personality, caring and considerate. Enjoy a challenge.