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Jessica Morgan
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"My name is Jessica Morgan. I have five years experience in the social work field. I have a bachelor's degree in health science and a minor in psychology. I lived in Uganda for a year. I have spent the last two years between the United States and Uganda. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.

I met Charles Oluka and the Keep Alive Missionary Ministries Team the first week I went to Uganda in May 2017. Charles and his team are honest people who genuinely want to see change in their communities. I have worked on a few different projects with them. I taught some health classes with them to the community in Apuda. The people are so loving and we learned together in these classes. They shared with us things that have worked to improve their health and I shared my knowledge about hygiene, health practices, medical practices and early detection of disease. I used my education from my health science bachelor's degree to create the lessons and taught with another member of Help International. At this time I was a team member of the Help International that works on sustainable development project. I felt a strong connection to this community. The were understanding, patient, loving and most importantly trying their best to help these communities. I also assisted with a vision clinic they held at their office. We offered vision screenings to the community for a very small fee that was affordable. In fact, the service was so needed that the office flooded with people in need and they were all able to receive services. They also received free glasses if their vision was poor.
In October of 2017 I returned to Uganda alone and did some volunteer with KAMM. KAMM had started a sewing project to educate their community. They did not have the necessary supplies to maintain it. They only had 2 sewing machines and their classes usually had around 35 students. I was able to meet with them to discuss ways so improve the courses by acquiring more supplies. We also agreed that as students continue to receive training, they can instruct and help maintain sewing courses. I was able to donate a sewing machine to their project. I am pleased to say that the project continues today. Three students were trained well enough to continue teaching to this community. The classes have grown to around 40 students. The project has become sustainable.
I returned to Uganda again in May of 2017 and started another project with KAMM. In Olilim, there is a group of HIV positive individuals that are especially vulnerable because of their health condition. They had poor living conditions. Water would leak from their roofs. They lacked school funds for their children and proper nutrition because they would go hungry sometimes. We talked about sustainable solutions. They had started a project rearing goats and sheep. So, we decided to support their income generating activities. We hired an animal science professional to teach them how to properly raise their animals. They learned how to properly feed, lodge, and medically treat their animals. I took very close notes on the training. I followed up on whether or not they were able to implement the knowledge and what barriers they were facing. The training has been helpful because their animals are still living and they continue to breed them.

In all of the projects I have participated in with KAMM and with all the people I met, the root of the challenges was poverty. Some people had no way to generate income. Some people grow crops but their agriculture was not always a success because the weather was not favorable or they struggled to pay for the supplies they needed. People go to bed hungry. Some of them are not educated and their children cannot go to school either because they cannot pay their school fees. Many live in unfavorable conditions that lead to disease. KAMM is trying to overcome these problems. Education is empowerment. So they educate the communities how to have proper hygiene and how to care for their health so they get sick less often and have a lower mortality rate. They also started a small affordable clinic so people have better access to healthcare. They provide income generating activities like the sewing courses and livestock training. They love these communities and want to see them become self-reliant, healthy and successful.

I have spent a year in Uganda. I can see how challenging life is there. Corrupt government officials take bribes and turn their head to injustice. The government does not look after the well being of children and many children lack access to education. When life starts without education, people do not gain the skills to seek employment and start businesses. Innocent people who just want to survive suffer of disease and unemployment. KAMM is addressing all of these issues and working on sustainable ways to turn around their communities to become empowered healthy individuals. However, I have observed that KAMM faces their own challenges. They need to partner with other organizations to gain the knowledge and tools to continue their life changing work. They are making positive change and can only do more with a bigger and better team. I highly recommend working with them. They are caring, respectful, loving and kind individuals that just want to see their nation more developed and educated.
I have personally had the opportunity to work with Charles Oluka. He is a very understanding and compassionate individual. He has a professional organized office. He keeps records on the work he does. He mobilizes the communities and volunteers. He has incredible networking capabilities and is highly aware of the resources in his community. He has the knowledge on how to care for the communities. He just needs a better team and ways to fund raise for his sustainable work. You can personally email me anytime at I am willing to discuss the work Charles does and recommend him further."

on 01/05/2019