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Ryne Thompson

United States

Ryne Thompson
Joined on 01/10/2016 Born 31/01/1989
Smiling is key to life. I am a college graduate from the United States traveling South America. I have always wanted to see this continent and I finally am. I love experiencing new things and meeting great people.

South America, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru
Agriculture Work
Animal Care
Archaeological Work
Conservation Work
Disaster Relief
My Spanish needs work but I studied for 4 years at university. I worked with computers and spreadsheets way too much. I volunteered in Spanish schools in college. I've done a lot of manual labor and think working with your hands is very cathartic.
Volunteered in some Spanish elementary schools in Lincoln. Also did some volunteer work with sexual revictimization. Everyone is different and deserves respect. In my humble opinion.