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Mariano Manta


Mariano Manta
Joined on 14/09/2016 Born 29/01/1983
I consider myself a very positive and easy-going person. I´m always trying to have fun or finding new things to do. I never get bored!. I love everything related to art, cultures, and new experiences above all.
I enjoy meeting new places, new people, new worlds. I think that´s the real purpose in life!
I love animals, taking pictures of the sunset, and playing the guitar.
I also love sports! I´m always ready to work out. My favourite one: swimming. But I enjoy almost any activity involving a green enviroment and fresh air.
I studied Audiovisual Design and Photography. I currently live in Buenos Aires and I work as a Video Editor in a TV Channel.
I´m looking forward to start a big journey soon!

Africa, North America, Central America, South America, Europe, The Caribbean
Animal Care
Conservation Work
Human Rights Work
Social Work