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wendy vanessa diaz arevalo
Joined on 17/07/2017 Born 19/01/1996
I am a person daring to live in a different way to the conventional, looking for new experiences in a natural environment and with people of different cultural that feed my spirit. I have a great interest for the languages, in this search to feed that curiosity I am interested in traveling to all the countries of different language and to learn with the natives in the middle of day to day and the direct coexistence.

South America, Europe, Oceania, Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Germany, Italy, Portugal
Agriculture Work
Animal Care
Work in a non-profit organization focused on environmental development, and child education teaching them to take care of and take advantage of their time in rural areas
wendy vanessa diaz arevalo applied to volunteer with Guerreiros Da Luz inBrazil
Updatedon 24/07/2017
" share my time help the childrens, teach them my culture and also enjoy the brazil culture... "
Guerreiros Da Luz