Itzel Jimenez

Mexico. Born 16/12/1989

Itzel Jimenez - Volunteering Profile

I started to do volunteer work in Mexico distributing food to poor people living on the streets and I definitely discovered that I have so much to give people.
I truly believe that with all our effort can build a better world.

South East Asia, South America, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Thailand

Agriculture Work
Conservation Work

I´m very open minded and adaptable to changes, I consider me very communicative and early resolution of problems.

I participated as an active volunteer in Mexico Sonrie AC, in activities like giving support to the families who waits outside the hospital for news of your patients.
I worked as a volunteer in the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro during September 2016 as a translator.
I´m working now in AISEC in Florianpolis, Brazil in childcare in a Cultural Center how provide different activities to the kids.