Pablo Fernández Fernández


Pablo Fernández Fernández

Joined on 12/03/2017. Born 04/01/1996
Spanish student. Fully aware in social and environmental issues.. Grade at Telecommunications, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (2014-Nowadays).
Diploma in Java
Diploma in Mobile Application Development.
Level B2 in English (nowadays preparing CAE exams).

Want to visit

Africa, South America, Middle East

Interested in

Animal Care
Human Rights Work

Additional Skills

Volunteering in the Federación Nacional de Judo (12years performing this sport). Personal Tutor (Baccalaureate level). Abroad Experiencie (A whole student year in United States, 2011-2012). Performing a design company (Berbett). Knowledge in many computer languages.

Past Volunteering Experience

Volunteering in a small village in France (Machemont)-2014