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Sydney Pensky


Sydney Pensky
Joined on 14/06/2017 Born 26/01/1990
As a travel photographer, my studio is the world.. Sydney works on assignment for photojournalism publications, travel, documentary, commercial, and NGO clients and has photographed in over 13 countries around the world. Her work focuses predominantly on human stories that explore social differences, cultural diversity, and economic effects of geographic isolation. Currently, Pensky is out in the field documenting the hardships and everyday tasks of ‘Life in the West Bank Settlements’, in Itamar Israel, displaying the struggles of everyday life in the nearby co-dependent Palestinian communities and the after math of the Obama Administration and where the future will lead the settlers. Her work has been published in Municipal Art Society of New York Museum, Na’Amat USA, and the Daily News Journal.

Africa, Central Asia, South Asia, South East Asia, Europe, Middle East, Oceania, Antarctica, Armenia, Australia, Bahamas, China, Colombia, Croatia, Ethiopia, Hong Kong, Iceland, Indonesia, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Mongolia, Morocco, Myanmar, Nepal, Palestinian Territory, Philippines, Singapore, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam, Zimbabwe
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Photographic imaging Visual Storytelling Teaching Technical Support Studio Management Media Production Adobe Premier Lightroom PhaseOne
My expertise is in photography and with this tool I have been contracted through several non profit and full profit organizations for the past 4 years. Being involved with a multitude of projects has given me the opportunities to provide a wide range of visual storytelling images that were used for creating awareness in advertising media.