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Beatriz Carmena


Beatriz Carmena
Joined on 13/03/2017 Born 06/01/1995
My name is Bea, I am 21 years old and I studied psichology.. I like a lot study psichology but I want to live other experiencies in other country with other people. Since I was small I wanted to be a voluntary becouse being with other humans, teaching and learning, make me very happy.

South Asia, India, Indonesia, Mali
Agriculture Work
Animal Care
Human Rights Work
Women Empowerment
Social Work
In a natural way I like being with different people, learn about other cultures, work in teams and try to help. Thats way I choosed to study psichology. My degree has given me a lot of tools, in special the empathy, to understand the emotions and thoughts of the people. I really want to be a voluntary and I think that this motivation is one of the most important thing too.
My past volunteering experiences were one of them for one year in Asana, in the hospital Niño Jesús. Asana is an association where we played with the sick children and teenagers by acting in a theatre and making crafts. Other experience was in Fundación Fuego taking care of children during courses of prevention and protection at home, the fire, the forest and others. In my university I was during 2 years the carer of a girl with depression and other mental problems.