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Asun Cardona Gambaro


Asun Cardona Gambaro
Joined on 06/01/2017 Born 16/01/1986
Journalist, curious, animal & nature lover. I want to travel as a way of life. Hello!

My name is Asun and I'm from Spain. I'm 30 years old, open-minded, always positive and energetic person who loves challenges. I love meeting new people and learning from their cultures, and for a while, I want to travel as a way of life. This has always been my real dream.

I'm Journalist but I work for many years as a Digital Marketer. I also studied Political Science, International Relationship and social movements, so I'm really interest in sociology and in political activism.

My main motivation is to meet people and share their cultures, learn other way of lifes, also to share experiences and long talks. I believe that can be best achieved through colaborative working.

I travel as much as I can. Every year, I do some trip around Europe. I traveled to Croatia, Greece, Ireland, Italy, France, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Belgium, etc. I lived more than a year in the UK; the best experience of my life.

North America, Canada
Agriculture Work
Animal Care
Conservation Work
Human Rights Work
Social Work
Web Work
Women Empowerment
Marketing and Journalism are my strengths. I have a great experience in social media, developing webs in Wordpress, writting and also in photography. I think I am a responsible, detail-minded and well-organized person. I worked as a waitress in a restaurant, so I'm used to dealing with people. I grew up surrounded by dogs, cats, hens, pigs and goats, so I really love animals and taking care of them. At my house, I always cook and clean.
I have been an Amnesty International volunteer for many years. I collaborate in the communication department, editing letters and petitions to send to governments, as well as posters and stands to spread the work among people.