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jhon jairo Giraldo


jhon jairo Giraldo
Joined on 07/05/2017 Born 20/01/1991
I am proactive, friendly, disciplined and charismatic.. I am Colombian, I live in Popayàn Cauc, I study Industrial Engineering and Technology in Quality Control of Food, a Good sportsman (footboll, Basketball, swimming, athletics and martial arts).
I work in a food company as an operator.

Oceania, India, Indonesia, Malaysia
Agriculture Work
Animal Care
Conservation Work
Social Work
I am an athlete (football, basketball, atelctismo and martial arts), I have knowledge in quality control of food and systems.
Como desarrollador de proyectos de viviendasa comunidades rurales de dificil acceso y en programa de cero analfabetismo.
jhon jairo Giraldo applied to volunteer with Turtle Watch Camp Malaysia inMalaysia
Updatedon 21/05/2017
" To offer my knowledge in the protection and conservation of endangered animals "
Turtle Watch Camp Malaysia