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Heloisa Dallanhol


Heloisa Dallanhol
Joined on 05/06/2016 Born 14/01/1968
Energetic, sensible and multicultural journalist wants to help vulnerable people abroad. Experienced person with extreme empathy for the poor, sick, elderly and whoever is alone in need of help. Would consider leaving my jobs and confortable zone to help people who did not have the same opportunities as I had .

South Asia, South East Asia, Oceania
Conservation Work
I´m fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese, also speak Italian, French and Dutch. Great interest in Cultures, after being in more than 60 countries and performing volunteer work in Brazil, USA, Spain etc. I get along specially with adults and seniors, maybe I don´t have the skills for childcare... Well, I also have two steady Jobs, but still consider spending a few weeks abroad IF I can help (except in fundraising)!